Welcome to Tower Concierge

We are an innovative, professional firm that provides concierge and on-site management services for high-density properties. Tower Concierge was formed in response to the increased need for on-site personnel to aid in the day-to-day operation and administration of high-density properties. Our portfolio consists of residential, condominium, and mixed-use buildings comprised of residential and commercial property.

We believe concierge and on-site management can make a difference between a good and great community and enhances the value of your property. Our experienced, professional personnel have a variety of skills and attributes, and are trained in managing all aspects of a high-density building.

At Tower Concierge, we are committed to working alongside Developers, Property Managers, and Directors of Corporations to ensure the appearance and integrity of your property is preserved and maintained. Our goal is to provide efficient, courtheous service and to promote a positive environment, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction and care to our clients.

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